Trial breeding with CH Nirvana Sardi This Is Country Music and
GCHB Lil Scamps Sardi She's A Devil In Disguise -
3 generation pedigree (100% complete)

LGD=100% (8/8)
COI = 0%
CHNirvana Sardi This Is Country MusicNirvana Sardi This Is Country MusicCAN.AM.CH.Classical's Brad PaisleyRN, CGCClassical's Brad PaisleyAM CHAskin Geek In The PinkROMXAskin Geek In The Pink
CAN.AM.CH.Classical's Over The MoonClassical's Over The Moon
AKC GRAND CH.Nirvana Consider The Lilies At DkyarNirvana Consider The Lilies At DkyarAKC CH.Pillowtalk's Helios Of NirvanaROMPillowtalk's Helios Of Nirvana
AKC CH.Nirvana Tootsie's On A Roll At LunabluNirvana Tootsie's On A Roll At Lunablu
GCHBLil Scamps Sardi She's A Devil In DisguiseLil Scamps Sardi She's A Devil In DisguiseAKC GCHThat's The Notorious DefenderThat's The Notorious DefenderAM GCHG CAN CH BIS MBISSGingerbred Yukon Jack Desiderio
CHThat's My Adorable Godiva
CHThat's Nirvana's PandaThat's Nirvana's PandaAM CH.That Is Irene's Mr. TCGCThat Is Irene's Mr. T
CHThat's For Her Good GracesThat's For Her Good Graces