Trial breeding with CH Nirvana Sardi This Is Country Music and
GCHB Lil Scamps Sardi She's A Devil In Disguise -
5 generation pedigree (100% complete)

LGD=84.38% (32/27)
COI = 13.28%
AM CH. That Is Irene's Mr. T CGC: 4.6875%
CH Sunberry's Pandora's Box: 3.125%
Sunberry's 911 In Manhattan: 3.125%
AKC CH Yes Giorio Vom Salzetal ROMX: 2.34375%
CHNirvana Sardi This Is Country MusicCAN.AM.CH.Classical's Brad PaisleyRN, CGCAM CHAskin Geek In The PinkROMXCHHarbor's Light In The NightROMXCHLos Perritos Wee PantaloonsROMX
CHK'N H'S She's All MineROM
CHAskin Look At Me NowCHStarkette Pride of WincroftROMX
CHSilverdale's Amazing GraceROM
CAN.AM.CH.Classical's Over The MoonAM/CAN CH.Amor's Who Could ResistOA, OAJ, SJ, SG, AGN, AGNJ CHLos Companero's V Havaluv
CHAmor's Hip Hop By Danza
AKC/CKC CHWincroft's Little Dust BunnyCHStarkette Pride of WincroftROMX
AM CH. Silverdale Star Of WincroftROM
AKC GRAND CH.Nirvana Consider The Lilies At DkyarAKC CH.Pillowtalk's Helios Of NirvanaROMINT CHPillowtalk's Mr Milky WayVDHPillowtalk's Nero
Pillowtalk's Silver N'Goldie
Pillowtalk's OlympiaMULTI-CHPillowtalk's CesarioINTCH,ES`91,DT.CH,VDH CH,FINNCH,FINNISH
ICH FINCH DTCH VDH CHPillowtalk's Only You Girl
AKC CH.Nirvana Tootsie's On A Roll At LunabluAM CH.That Is Irene's Mr. TCGC Sunberry's Nuff Said Eh
Sunberry's 911 In Manhattan
AKC CH.BF's Pearl Of NirvanaROMBF's Gentleman Gabe Of LP
Setacane's Tosca BF
GCHBLil Scamps Sardi She's A Devil In DisguiseAKC GCHThat's The Notorious DefenderAM GCHG CAN CH BIS MBISSGingerbred Yukon Jack DesiderioMBIS MBISS MBINSS CAN/AM CHSonrisas' Tiny ThomasCGNCAN AMER CHDelta Dawn Mijo's Mojo
CAN/AMER CH.Pocopayasos' LJ's Hot Tamale
CHGingerbred Made To OrderCHStarkette Famous Amos Qbin
CHGingerbred Final Answer
CHThat's My Adorable GodivaCH Sunberry's Thats CarnivaleAM, CAN, INT, DAN, SWED, NORW, NORD CHSmedtjarns WiktorROM
Sunberry's 911 In Manhattan
CHThats Right Out Of The BoxAKC CHYes Giorio Vom SalzetalROMX
CHSunberry's Pandora's Box
CHThat's Nirvana's PandaAM CH.That Is Irene's Mr. TCGC Sunberry's Nuff Said EhAKC, UKC, INT CHShaggyluv's BlockbusterNA, NAJ, NJP, RN
CHSunberry's Pandora's Box
Sunberry's 911 In ManhattanSetacane Cartel At Sineade
Sineade's Gracie At Sunberry
CHThat's For Her Good GracesAKC CHYes Giorio Vom SalzetalROMXVDHVKSetacane Martini Mit Zitrone
Unbelievable Uljana Vom Salzetal
CHSunberry's Pandora's BoxCHStarkette Pride of WincroftROMX
Sineade's Gracie At Sunberry