CH. South Heart's Che Guevara Pedigree of CH. South Heart's Che Guevara
3 generations, 100% complete

LGD=100% (8/8)
COI = 0%
CAROUSEL'S JOKERS WILDCarousel's Ring MasterSable Havana's Buster BrownFawn with white markings
Havana's Kissing KateSable parti
Westberry's Smokey CrystalSable Nino Fawn of ZB'sSable
Havana's Heidi HoosierBlack
Camalot's Lolita HermosaWhite Starborn Camelot's MerlinBlack & White Smallhaven's Trip To RememberGold
CHS.S. Twinkle Little StarBlack tricolor
Birch Creek Camelot CatalinaCream Starkette Gateway ArchBlack & White
Luv's Tiffany's White SatinCream