5 generations, 100% complete

LGD=93.75% (32/30)
COI = 4.69%
CH Starkette Pride of Wincroft ROMX: 3.125%
CH Noblegold Twins Diamond Chip ROMX: 1.5625%
GCHTwins Trail Blaze'RTwins Trail Blaze'RTWINS PARKER MAN WITH A MISSIONTwins Casino RoyaleTwins Ace Of SpadesBlack CHNoblegold Twins Diamond ChipROMXNoblegold Twins Diamond Chip
CH.Liveoak's Be-bop BabyLiveoak's Be-bop Baby
Justa's Jessica NobleChocolate partiCHDestiny's Noble BrutusCream
Justa's Salt And PepperBlack parti
Twins Daisy MaeCHTwins Night DrifterCHNoblegold Twins Diamond ChipROMXNoblegold Twins Diamond Chip
Twins Justa One More TimeCream
O'Jen's Pawsitively Miss DaisyBlack AKC CHForsgate's Pandemonium Of LPForsgate's Pandemonium Of LP
CH O'Jen's Somewhere Out ThereSilver tricolor
Twins Tia MariaTwins Tia MariaSouthern Silks Son Of TurboTapscott's Twins Turbo ChargeAM CHZorro Vom SalzetalZorro Vom Salzetal
CHCouture's Princess D'TapscottROMXCouture's Princess D'Tapscott
CHJusta's Magical MonicaSable partiBacardi's Piano PlayerBlack
Magical Lily of HappinessWhite with tan points
Twins Summits Just JamieCHTapscott's Mitey Mouse TwinsBlack Nakima VistiWhite
West Creek's Spitfire TapscottBlack & White
Twins Sunshine SummitBlack & White Destiny's Twins SambukaBlack
Justa's SunshineCream
CHLuv Bug's Little Sure ShotLuv Bug's Little Sure ShotBISS GCHOeste's Havnfun Playin An OutlawOeste's Havnfun Playin An OutlawAKC CH.Oeste's Outlaw Of San JuanROMOeste's Outlaw Of San JuanCHTapscott's The DominatorTapscott's The DominatorCHStarkette Pride of WincroftROMXStarkette Pride of Wincroft
CHBonneterre Domino D'TapscottROMBonneterre Domino D'Tapscott
CHPrescott J's ChantilliCHKmbrl-Lil'rascal Of PrescottjROMBlack & White
Hadassah's Linzy of Prescott J
CH.Wincroft The Verdict's InCHStarkette Pride of WincroftROMXStarkette Pride of WincroftAM CHVoila Prime TimeROMVoila Prime Time
CHStarkette Cookies And CreamROMStarkette Cookies And Cream
AM CHMucho Bravo Amore De WincroftMucho Bravo Amore De WincroftDon Zaddeq De Cuba
NL DT VDH CHMucho Bravo Spectacular RedW'98, BSG 1&2-'00Mucho Bravo Spectacular Red
Devita's Pocket Full Of Sunshine At Luv BugDevita's Pocket Full Of Sunshine At Luv BugCHTwins Son Of FreedomTwins Son Of FreedomMoonrise Twins Endurn FreedomCHStarkette Pride of WincroftROMXStarkette Pride of Wincroft
CHBonneterre's Summer BreezeROMBonneterre's Summer Breeze
Twins Monica SarahCh Noblegold Twins Diamond Chip
Ch. Justa's Magical Monica
CHDeVita's Roulette FeverDeVita's Roulette FeverAM CHDeVita's Pinochle At JannasCHWest Creek's Domino EffectBlack & White
AM CHDeVita's Too Hot To HandleDeVita's Too Hot To Handle
AM CHDeVita's Cuervo GoldDeVita's Cuervo GoldAM CHDeVita's Tangueray With A Twist
AM CHDeVita's Tequila RoseDeVita's Tequila Rose