Ängebråtens Born To Boogie Woogie Pedigree of Ängebråtens Born To Boogie Woogie
5 generations, 100% complete

LGD=93.75% (32/30)
COI = 7.03%
CH Los Perritos Wee Pantaloons ROMX: 3.125%
AKC CH Forsgate's Pandemonium Of LP: 2.34375%
SUCH Kebic's Kicki: 1.5625%
USCHThat's How I Like Em At ÄngebråtensThat's How I Like Em At ÄngebråtensBISS AM GCHG CAN GCHMendota's Adorabull Greek LegendMendota's Adorabull Greek LegendAM GCHG CAN CHBIS MBISS Gingerbred Yukon Jack DesiderioBIS MBISS Gingerbred Yukon Jack DesiderioMBIS MBISS MBINSS CAN/AM CHSonrisas' Tiny ThomasCGNSonrisas' Tiny ThomasCAN AMER CHDelta Dawn Mijo's MojoDelta Dawn Mijo's Mojo
CAN/AMER CH.Pocopayasos' LJ's Hot TamalePocopayasos' LJ's Hot Tamale
CHGingerbred Made To OrderGingerbred Made To OrderCHStarkette Famous Amos QbinStarkette Famous Amos Qbin
CHGingerbred Final AnswerBlack & White
CHThats Right Out Of The BoxThats Right Out Of The BoxAKC CHYes Giorio Vom SalzetalROMXYes Giorio Vom SalzetalVDHVKSetacane Martini Mit ZitroneSable
Unbelievable Uljana Vom SalzetalSable
CHSunberry's Pandora's BoxSunberry's Pandora's BoxCHStarkette Pride of WincroftROMXStarkette Pride of Wincroft
Sineade's Gracie At SunberrySable
BISS AM CHNirvana's Mystic NutmegNirvana's Mystic NutmegAKC CHPillowtalk's Helios In NirvanaROMPillowtalk's Helios In NirvanaINT CHPillowtalk's Mr Milky WayVDHPillowtalk's Mr Milky WayPillowtalk's NeroPillowtalk's Nero
Pillowtalk's Silver N'GoldieWhite
Pillowtalk's OlympiaPillowtalk's OlympiaMULTI-CHPillowtalk's CesarioINTCH,ES`91,DT.CH,VDH CH,FINNCH,FINNISHPillowtalk's Cesario
ICH FINCH DTCH VDH CHPillowtalk's Only You Girl
AKC CH.BF's Pearl Of NirvanaROMBF's Pearl Of NirvanaBF's Gentleman Gabe Of LPBF's Gentleman Gabe Of LPCHLos Perritos Wee PantaloonsROMXLos Perritos Wee Pantaloons
CH.Los Perros Lil' Orphan AnnieSable
Setacane's Tosca BFSetacane's Tosca BFAKC CHForsgate's Pandemonium Of LPForsgate's Pandemonium Of LP
Setacane Bacall At SineadeSable tricolor
Ängebråtens Mustang SallyÄngebråtens Mustang SallyÄngebråten Vinnie Mi AmorÄngebråten Vinnie Mi AmorTequilaville's JR EwingTequilaville's JR EwingK&H's Tigger At Kebic'sK&H's Tigger At Kebic'sAM CHLynyear's Get Offa My CloudLynyear's Get Offa My Cloud
AM CHLynyear's Lightning StrikesLynyear's Lightning Strikes
NORDUCH INTUCH NV-05Kebic's WilhelminaKebic's WilhelminaSUCHStrandwiks Jesse JamesStrandwiks Jesse James
SUCHKebic's KickiKebic's Kicki
US CHLos Perritos Creme DaLa CremeLos Perritos Creme DaLa CremeCHLos Perritos Wee PantaloonsROMXLos Perritos Wee PantaloonsCHLos Perritos LuigiROMLos Perritos Luigi
US CHBorgia's Evita Of Romanijo's JoyROMXCream white
US CHLos Perritos Covered In FurROMCream AKC, HCA, CKC CHLos Perritos Venado MioROMLos Perritos Venado Mio
HCA CHWicked Lady De CubaWicked Lady De Cuba
Ängebråten Zapped-By-FateSCHStrandwiks ZappaStrandwiks ZappaSCHMajetorp's FilipWhite SUCH FINUCHA Maiden Effort's Nightflight
SUCH NUCH INTUCHStrandwiks EwitaEUW-97 KBHV-97 NV-96White
SCHKebic's RuthKebic's RuthMr Victim Of Love Sweet HonestyMr Victim Of Love Sweet Honesty
SUCHKebic's KickiKebic's Kicki
USCHLos Perritos All Reved UpLos Perritos All Reved UpAKC CHForsgate's Pandemonium Of LPForsgate's Pandemonium Of LPCHLos Perritos Wee PantaloonsROMXLos Perritos Wee Pantaloons
CHLos Perritos Irmas Gypsy ToySable
US CHBorgia's Evita Of Romanijo's JoyROMXCream whiteA Maiden Effort's Jazz-UpWhite
NLCHA Maiden Effort's Ice SugarA Maiden Effort's Ice Sugar