Yup's I've Been Wounded, Jaded, Loved & Hated Pedigree of Yup's I've Been Wounded, Jaded, Loved & Hated
5 generations, 53.23% complete

LGD=100% (16/16, 16 unknown)
COI = 0%
Yup's Never Going To Bring Me DownAM/CANCH Yup's The Best Is Yet To Be   
Yup's Life Goes OnCHRiegele's Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates....AM CHGingerbred Ruffian Weather ProphetBedlem's All That JazzAM CHThat's White Hot In Atlanta
CHThat's A Real Shoe In Eh
AM CHGingerbred Black Velvet At PIXMBIS MBISS MBINSS CAN/AM CHSonrisas' Tiny ThomasCGN
CHGingerbred Made To Order
CHRiegele's Hannah MontanahAM CHDEVITA'S FIRECRACKERCHAshbrooks Cinco At Mt Breeze
AM CHDeVita's Cuervo Gold
CHBesitos Jetta ArroyoCH.Lynyear's Peludo-De-Tres Divas
CH.Lynyear's Forget-Me-Not
CHYup's N Jangle's Sometimes I Feel Like A NutCHYup's Too Good To Be TrueCHHavtahava Ghirardelli Citrus SunsetCDBISS GCH CHWaltrons Brute ForceROM
CHSedoso Havtahava Dominant Jeans
CHYup's Taylor Made For MyladBIS BISS CHYup's Cohiba Esplendido
Yup's N Twins Creating Havoc
CHYup's Star StruckCHYup's Hot D'mn Here I AmTwins Morning Java
Twins Dora The Explorer
Yup's Magilla GorillaCHElfin Barkley Vegas Lasusu's
CHTwins Phantom Of The Opera