Pedigree of Yup's I've Been Wounded, Jaded, Loved & Hated

Yup's Never Going To Bring Me Down AM/CAN CH Yup's The Best Is Yet To Be    
Yup's Life Goes On CH Riegele's Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.... AM CH Gingerbred Ruffian Weather Prophet Bedlem's All That Jazz AM CH That's White Hot In Atlanta
CH That's A Real Shoe In Eh
AM CH Gingerbred Black Velvet At PIX MBIS MBISS MBINSS CAN/AM CH Sonrisas' Tiny Thomas CGN
CH Gingerbred Made To Order
CH Riegele's Hannah Montanah AM CH DEVITA'S FIRECRACKER CH Ashbrooks Cinco At Mt Breeze
AM CH DeVita's Cuervo Gold
CH Besitos Jetta Arroyo CH. Lynyear's Peludo-De-Tres Divas
CH. Lynyear's Forget-Me-Not
CH Yup's N Jangle's Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut CH Yup's Too Good To Be True CH Havtahava Ghirardelli Citrus Sunset CDBISS GCH CH Waltrons Brute Force ROM
CH Sedoso Havtahava Dominant Jeans
CH Yup's Taylor Made For Mylad BIS BISS CH Yup's Cohiba Esplendido
Yup's N Twins Creating Havoc
CH Yup's Star Struck CH Yup's Hot D'mn Here I Am Twins Morning Java
Twins Dora The Explorer
Yup's Magilla Gorilla CH Elfin Barkley Vegas Lasusu's
CH Twins Phantom Of The Opera