FINUCH Saharanda Bursera Arida

- Finland

Sex: Male
Color: Gold
Date of birth: 22.01.2001
Sire: CIB FICH NOCH SECH Voila Up To The Minute
Dam: FI CH Fablecastle's Doble Sentido

Saharanda Babiana Salteri Gold male
Saharanda Banksia Baueri Gold male
Saharanda Basella Alba Gold male
Saharanda Bessera Elegans Gold male
CIB FICH EECH LVCH Saharanda Betula Alba White gold female
Saharanda Bucida Buceras Gold male

Full siblings:
Saharanda Abies Alba Gold male
Saharanda Adonis Annua Gold male
CH Saharanda Aloe Alfendii Cream male
FIN &EST CH Saharanda Anemone Altaica Gold white female
Saharanda Angelica Arguta Gold female
INTUCH FINUCH SUCH NUCH Saharanda Astridia Alba Cream female

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