Darklin Reachs Chica Cappucina - "Busan"

Breeder: Carina Hellerstedt
Owner: Greta Ylipää - Pajala, Sweden

Sex: Female
Color: Chocolate
Date of birth: 30.08.2004
Sire: StrandWiks Ymer
Dam: SUCH Kebic's Berit

Darklin Reach's Chico Carpe Diem Black & White with white markings male
Darklin Reach's Chico Cave Canem Sable with white markings male
Darklin Reach's Chica Cappuchina Chocolate female
Darklin Reach's Chica Creme Girl Chocolate with white markings female

Full siblings:
Darklin Reachs Chica Cappucina female

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