Tiziana Cupid's Darts - "Linus"

Breeder: Virve Vahterkoski-Sj÷blom, Finland
Owner: Britt Sundedahl & Kristina Nilsson - Sweden

Sex: Male
Color: White
Date of birth: 20.08.2006
Sire: WW08,INT,S CH,FIN CH, LTU CH, LTUW-06 Diamond Peak Casimir \CASPER
Dam: Saharanda Hyacinthus Nera

Tiziana Contra Luz Opal Sable female
Tiziana Congo Ivory White with black markings male

Full siblings:
Tiziana Darya-I-Nur White gold female
Tiziana Deepdene Gold white female
Tiziana De Young Red Sable male
Tiziana De Beers Sable with white markings male
Tiziana Dudley Diamond Sable male
Tiziana Dark Opal Black & Tan male

Tiziana Gongo Ivory male

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