AM GCH CH Circo El Rey Del Mundo's Buda-Pest CGCA CGCU RATI RL1 RN - "Buda"

color test results: SS spot SINE +/+, AyAt, BBEE, DD, kyky will contribute fawn/sable,
NN does not carry mask, FF does not carry sleek/short hair gene, does not carry curly gene. Havanese breed diseases: N/N clear of inherited Hyperuricosuria; N/N clear of Degenerative Myelopathy; does NOT carry the mutation for Macrothrombocytopenia; CLEAR Hemophilia A

Owner: Private - USA

Sex: Male
Color: Tri-colour sable pied
Date of birth: 30.11.2010
Sire: AM CH Feliz El Rey Del Mundo
Dam: AM GCH CH Feliz Sparks Will Fly

Full siblings:
AM GCH CH Circo Smoke On The Water Sable sable parti female

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