Maryann's Golden Roses Isis - "Lily"

Birthdate is Nov. 10, 2012.
Search for Massivus Angel's Sendi (Nóri) to get ancestry for her.

Breeder: Mariann Fischer
Owner: Elinor Horner - Boston, MA, USA

Sex: Female
Color: Havana brown pied
Date of birth: 10.11.2011
Sire: INTCH Noble Prince Blue Temptation PRINCE
Dam: HJCH,ÖJCH,HCH,HSCH Massivus Angel's Sendi (Nóri) (NóRI)

Full siblings:
CIB CH LX PT ES IB GRCH PT JCH Maryann´s Golden Roses Mick Mai Gold male
DTSCH.CHAMP. VK, DTSCH.CHAMP. VDH Maryann´s Golden Roses Morrison The Windwalker Red with white markings male

Maryann's Golden Roses Foxy Lady Havana brown brindle female
Maryanns Golden Roses Fabulous Brandy Black female

Maryann's Golden Roses Isabella Gold female

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