Frihedshabs Izla Danica

- Sweden

Sex: Female
Color: Cream with white markings
Date of birth: 14.08.1997
Sire: Jabir's Danica Romeo El Segundo
Dam: Jabir's Danica Kuba Chica

Frihedshabs I Am Debbie female
Frihedshabs Ian with white markings male
Frihedshabs India male
Frihedshabs Iris female
Frihedshabs Irving male

Full siblings:
Frihedshabs Laisa female
Frihedshabs Leonardo De Vinci male
Frihedshabs Leopoll parti male
Frihedshabs Leopold male

Frihedshabs Fancy Oscar with black markings male
Frihedshabs Fantasi Joy female
Frihedshabs Flora Danica Sable female
Frihedshabs Freja female

Frihedshabs Dea female
Frihedshabs Didrik male
Frihedshabs Dina female
Frihedshabs Duncan male

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