Bamse's Kamelia

- Sweden

Sex: Female
Color: Cream
Date of birth: 20.10.2002
Sire: Tohi-Ling's Baron
Dam: Nan-Chueh Remie

Bamse's Kalypso S59129/2002 sable with white markings male
Bamse's Karisma Black & White female
Bamse's Kastor Cream male
Bamse's Kingston Cream male
Bamse's Konstantin Cream male
Bamse's Kupido Cream male

Full siblings:
Tohi-Ling's Candida Black female
Tohi-Ling's Candle In The Wind Havana brown with white markings female
Tohi-Ling's Charmy Black & White gold male
Tohi-Ling's Clemens Black & White male
Tohi-Ling's Coco-Chanel Havana brown female
Tohi-Ling's Crazy Boy Black & White with white markings male

Bemse´s Kamelia

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