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Welcome to Havanese Gallery

Havanese Gallery is an open pedigree and picture database project. The purpose of the website is to collect and share as much pictures and information about the Havanese as possible to provide a useful tool for breeders and lovely pictures to the enthusiasts of the breed.

The number of the dogs in the database are growing fast, so the Havanese Gallery website has got a totally redesigned interface to provide a lot new informations. It is highly recommended to read the Frequently Asked Questions page and to be able to take full advantage of the many new functions!

A few words about the capabilities of Havanese Gallery :

  • Anyone can submit dogs to Havanese Gallery. In most cases it is enough to type in the names of the parents and you get the pedigree of the dog for up to 9 generations, completed with the pictures and informations of the ancestors.
  • The pedigrees are displaying inbreeding informations too. There are 3 different views for the pedigrees and now it is possible to print them..
  • You can do trial breedings with any dog in the database to see the pedigree and inbreeding info of their offspring .
  • The search results and namelists can be ordered by name, country, or year of birth. You can also choose to display the thumbnails of the dogs.
  • The displaying settings of the pedigrees and namelists are "memorized" while you are browsing Havanese Gallery so you don't have to change these settings again and again on every page.
  • It is possible to be a registered user of Havanese Gallery (the registration is free of course). If you login as a registered user, you can add dogs and trial breedings to the list of your favorites. You can also add personal notes to any dog in Havanese Gallery - these notes are only visible by you of course. And finally, you can edit any dogs you have ever submitted to Havanese Gallery without using different passwords for them.

I would like to say a big thank you to Estelle Bonet for adding the database of Havana'logy to Havanese Gallery, to Milla Hedlund for giving the pictures of the Swedish Havanese Gallery to me, to Mia Lade and Monica Embretsen for giving me a lot of pedigree informations and last but not least to every one of you, who have ever submitted a Havanese to Havanese Gallery!

If you enjoy browsing Havanese Gallery please write a line to my guestbook and submit your Havanese too of course! ;o)

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