Once Upon A Callie Gal At 2 Cute Once Upon A Callie Gal At 2 Cute 5 generációs törzskönyve (100% teljes)

LGD=96.88% (32/31)
COI = 7.03%
Chocolate Havana Man At Cottonwood: 4.6875%
Benji's Prince: 2.34375%
Brownie KingBrownie KingChulo IIChuliGooden's Wee SkipGwosdz's Wee Barkley Of Los Perritos
Gwosdz's Ima Classy Priscilla
Gooden's Elsa MayKincaid's Professor "X"
Kincad's Good Golly Miss Molly
Mamacusa AlambritoRhonie's Heath BarIce's Chico TravelerFekete
Bismarc's Tippy Girl MegKrém
Rhonie's Cocoa PuffRhonie's Oreo Cookie
Blanch-O's Pepper Rhonie
Cocoa XIIIPB's Scooby OnePrincess Buster BrownBenji's Prince
Molly's Callie
Destiny's CheyenneEddie's Snickers Bar
Spook's Destiny
AJ's StormyBenji's PrinceEddie's Benji
Spook's Destiny
Suzie's Almond JoyBihari's Andrew
Katie's Suzie
Once Upon A Pretty PrimroseOnce Upon A Pretty PrimroseBlack Eagle's Ricky RicardoChocolate Havana Man At CottonwoodThe Puppy Shack's Little Hershey ManHAVAKISS GEORGE THE GREAT HAKES
The Puppy Shack's Chocolate DaisyShereana's Sir Choco Chip
Teela Bella Of CottonwoodChocolate Havana Man At CottonwoodThe Puppy Shack's Little Hershey Man
The Puppy Shack's Chocolate Daisy
Isabella Of CottonwoodBK Mocha Choclat TruffleBK Mocha Choclat Truffle
BK Minni Mouse
Brookside's Liberty And JusticeAKC CHHavanasilk Fire By MystykalskyHavanasilk Fire By MystykalskyMystykalsky Gotahava ChocofixMystykalsky Gotahava ChocofixJubo-Lees Scouts HonorJubo-Lees Scouts Honor
C-Brese Gotahava Gran FinaleC-Brese Gotahava Gran Finale
Daphnée De La Vallée Du Ręve Daphnée De La Vallée Du Ręve Corwin Wolfskaia Corwin Wolfskaia
Bloona DeLa Vallee DuReve
Mystykalsky's My PrincessaTwins Lightning At MystykaskyCHTwins Night Drifter
O'Jen's Pawsitively Miss DaisyFekete
Mystykalsky Charlotte's WebCH.Twins Hycrest Ever ReddiTwins Hycrest Ever Reddi
Mystykalsky China DollMystykalsky China Doll