C.I.B , FI, SE, DK, NO, EE, LT CH, WW-08, FIJW-01,BALTW-04 EEW-04 Mimarcon Bonnie Tyler FIN42261/00 - "Armi"

Breeder: Pirjo-Riitta Ístring, Kennel Mimarcon
Owner: Sanna Iltanen, Kennel Sanillan - Rauma, Finland

Sex: Female
Color: Sable
Date of birth: 29.10.2000
Sire: FIN, NORD, EST CH, FINJCH-99 Mr Yeti-Yowie Sweet Honesty
Dam: FIN CH Ganesan Rose-Marie

Mimarcon Barry White Cream male
FIN MVA Mimarcon Brad Pitt Cream male
Mimarcon Braveheart Cream male
Mimarcon Britney Spears Cream female
Mimarcon Bruce Willis Sable male

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