INT FIN S N EST BLR LTU LV CH NORW-97 NW-98 FINW-99 BALTW-00 EUW-03 Bellezza's Almondeye Amory - "Narro"

Breeder: Aino-Inkeri Huurinainen
Owner: Marjo & Minna Heikka - Vantaa, Finland

Sex: Male
Color: White gold
Date of birth: 29.01.1994
Sire: INT FIN LV CH Fablecastle's Ay Companeros
Dam: INT FIN S LV CH FINW-96 Ganesan Dansing Daisy

Bellezza's Hearty Ambrose Beige male
Bellezza's Sweet Apricot Beige female

Full siblings:
Bellezza's Bahia Blanca Beige male
Bellezza's Barbuto Bandito Beige male
Bellezza's Barracuda Beige male
Bellezza's Bellissima Cream sable female
Bellezza's Bello Baronessa Beige female
Bellezza's Bello Bernando Beige male
Bellezza's Bianci Ballerina Cream female

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