AM, CAN, INT, DAN, SWED, NORW, NORD CH Smedtjarns Wiktor ROM - "Wiktor"

Wiktor won Best Of Breed Lone Star Speciality 2003, Best Of Breed Windy City Speciality 2003 & 2004, Best Of Opposite Havanese Nationals 2003, Award Of Merit at Westminster 2004 & 2005

Breeder: Helen Nilsson
Owner: Kevin & Sandy McCabe - Clare, IA, USA

Sex: Male
Color: Black
Date of birth: 09.03.1997
Sire: SUCH NUCH Sörreds Paraiso Sueco Melicidado
Dam: Sörreds Paraiso Sueca Avi-Aha

Smedtjärns Walentino Beige male
Smedtjärns Wiktoria Black & White female
Smedtjärns Willma Cream female
Smedtjärns Wirginia Cream female

Full siblings:
Smedtjärns Cha-Cha Black female
Smedtjärns Chaplin Black & White male
Smedtjärns Charlie Gold male
Smedtjärns Chico Black & White male

Smedtjarns Wiktor ROM
Smedtjarns Wiktor male
Http:// male

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