INT.CH Domoszlói-Vadász Don Giovanni - "Nacho"

Hungaria Junior Champion, Hungaria Champion, Hungaria Show Champion, Hungaria Grand Champion, Serbian Champion, Interchampion, 4xHPJ, 12xCAC, 3xRes.CAC, 3xRes.CACIB, 6xCACIB, 7xBOB

Breeder: Máthé Dorottya
Owner: Máthé Dorottya - Budapest, Hungary

Sex: Male
Color: Black & White
Date of birth: 03.02.2009
Sire: WORLD JUNIOR WINNER Buenos Amigos Yeremia Yerry MET. B. HAV. P4789/H/03
Dam: HJCH, HCH, SRBCH Elmada Dogs Dolores

JHCH Domoszlói-Vadász Don Pedro Black & White male
Domoszlói-Vadász Don Quijote White with sable markings male
Domoszlói-Vadász Donna Rosa White with sable markings female
Domoszlói-Vadász Don Diego Black & White male

Full siblings:
Domoszlói-Vadász Don Carlos male

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