NL B DT INT CH Cikitita Mieheke - "Chico"

Belgium Winner '96, European Winner '97, Copenhagen winner '97
Best Havanese: Netherlands '94, Belgium '94, '95

Breeder: Henna Laine
Owner: Jo and Marjorie Nelissen - Raamsdonk, Netherland

Sex: Male
Color: White
Date of birth: 25.12.1992
Sire: A Maiden Effort's Do You Love Me
Dam: A Maiden Effort's Femme Fatale

CH Cikitita Muista-Mut Cream female
Cikitita Mun Oma of Tammylan Sable sable female

Full siblings:
Cikitita Anne Pohtamo Sable female
Cikitita Antti Puuhaara Sable male
Cikitita Armi Kuusela Sable female

Cikitita Yks Emmin Poika Sable male
Cikitita Yks Emmin Tytto Sable female
Cikitita Yks Jojon Poika Sable female
Cikitita Yks Jojon Tytto Sable female

Cikitita Tosi Toimelias Sable male
Cikitita Tosi Tomera Sable male
Cikitita Tosi Tyylikas Sable male
Cikitita Tyton-Tyllero Sable female

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