Frisette's Romantica Starlit

- Sweden

Sex: Female
Color: Cream
Date of birth: 25.10.1991
Sire: Waggly's Campeon De Frisette's
Dam: SCHCH A Maiden Effort's Joya De Miranda

Frisette's Radix Star Black & White male
Frisette's Ramonia Starlit Black & White female
Frisette's Rubina Starlit Black & White female

Full siblings:
Frisette's Ultra Starlit Tri-colour female
Frisette's Unique Starlit Tri-colour female
Frisette's Uranus Star Havana brown sable male
Frisette's Ursa Major Star White male
Frisette's Ursine Starlit White female

Frisette's Zanya Starlit Cream female
Frisette's Zenana Golden-Star Gold female
Frisette's Zeniths Shouting Star Tri-colour male
Frisette's ZodiakaŽla Star Tri-colour female

Frisette's Zenans Golden Star female
Frisette's Zeniths Shooting-Star male

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