DTCH VK+VDH Jacky Cracker Blue Temptation - "Shaggy"

Clubwinner 2004 + 2005 + 2006, Winner Sachsen-Anhalt 2003, Winner Berlin-Brandenburg 2003, Winner Bremen-Weser-Ems 2003, Winner Brandenburg-Süd 2004, Winner Berlin-Brandenburg 2004, Winner Sachsen 2005, Winner Berlin-Brandenburg 2006, Europaen Winner and Best of breed 2007

Breeder: Annette Langhammer
Owner: Annette And Marina Langhammer - Woltersdorf, Germany

Sex: Male
Color: Red
Date of birth: 05.10.2001
Sire: Pillowtalk's Strawberry N' Cream
Dam: Cinderella Blue Temptation

Jeany-Bambini Blue Temptation Cream female

Full siblings:
Jacky Cracker Blue Tamptation male

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