A Maiden Effort's Wild Rhythmn ROM - "Somba"

* A major influence to the breed internationally *

Breeder: Anja Bours-Van Haarlem
Owner: JerOme & Zsuzsanna Gazso-Podell - Berkeley Springs, USA

Sex: Female
Color: Cream with sable markings
Date of birth: 13.07.1996
Sire: ICH NLCH DTCH Mucho Bravo Wild Willy EJS'94, BDS'98, BDS'99, BDS 2000, ES'
Dam: CH Cikitita Muista-Mut

SUCH A Maiden Effort's Walnut Bonbon Fawn pied female
NORDUCH INTUCH A Maiden Effort's Whirlwind S31093/99 Gold female

Full siblings:
A Maiden Effort's Wild Rythem

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