FI CH Mammamantan Miros

Breeder: Minna Piiparinen
Owner: Minna Piiparinen - Finland

Sex: Male
Color: Sable white
Date of birth: 24.11.1995
Sire: Valkohelmen Turre
Dam: Cikitita Keepsake

Full siblings:
Mammamantan Canteri Black male
Mammamantan Casperi Black male
Mammamantan Celma Sable female
Mammamantan Ceveri Black male
Mammamantan Charlotta Black female
Mammamantan Cohvi Sable female

Mammamantan Mickey Silver male
Mammamantan Miranda Silver sable female
Mammamantan Miratess Silver male
Mammamantan Miska male
Mammamantan Misty Sable male

Mammamantan Minttu Silver female
Mammamantan Ransu Silver male
FIN CH Mammamantan Rocky Sable male
Mammamantan Roni Silver male

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