Smallhaven's Pippa

Breeder: Christina Fleece
Owner: J & M Reilly - USA

Sex: Female
Color: Gold
Date of birth: 12.03.1991
Sire: Havana's Alfredo
Dam: Destiny's Oh Susannah

Smallhaven's Conqueror O'Pro's Gold male
Smallhaven's Friar Tuck Cream male
Smallhaven's Georgia Rose Gold female

Full siblings:
Smallhaven Miss Daisy Cream female
Smallhaven Nacho Cream male
Smallhaven Sedona Cream female

Smallhaven Sundown Sable male

Smallhaven's Tia Rosa Maria Black female
Smallhaven Charley Black & White male
Smallhaven Home Town Boy Gold male
Smallhaven Ariele of La Due Cream female
Smallhaven's Just Emily Black female
Smallhaven's Paddington Gold male

Smallhaven's Serenity Black female
Smallhaven's Champagne Shadow Cream male
Smallhaven's Gentleman Jim Black male
Smallhaven's Samantha Black female

Smallhaven's Ramona Black female

Smallhaven's Ariele Of La Due female
Smallhaven Paddington male
Smallhaven Champagne Shadow male

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