C.I.B FIN & SE & LT & EE CH EE VCH VWW-08 LTW-09 VWW-10 Bayarin Una Bella Chica "BELLA" - "Bella"

Breeder: Marja Pajarinen
Owner: Seija Hiljanen - Finland

Sex: Female
Color: Gold
Date of birth: 25.06.2000
Sire: CIB FICH NOCH SECH Voila Up To The Minute
Dam: Bayarin Rosalyn

Bayarin Udanna Gold female
Bayarin Un Cremo Hijo Cream male
Bayarin Una Bonita Gold female
Bayarin Una Cetrina Gold female
Bayarin Una Donna Deoro Gold female
Bayarin Uno Penzino Gold male

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