Amelie Lope De Vega

Breeder: Dolezalova
Owner: Doleľalová - Czech Republic

Sex: Female
Color: Cream sable
Date of birth: 08.09.2014
Sire: JCHCZ,SK,D CH CZ,PL,HR Arturo Tacito
Dam: JCH CZ, JCH SK, JCH PL, JCH DE, JCH HR; CH CZ, GRAND CH CZ, CH SK, GRA Torcedore`s Obertura De Amor

C.I.B.JCH CZ, CH CZ,PL, GRAND CH CZ, CH ČMKU Alechandro Lope De Vega Sable with white markings male

Full siblings:
HJCH Alfredo Lope De Vega Black with white markings male

C.I.B Alechandro Lope De Vega male

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